CLUB RIOとは?About Club Rio

CLUB RIO設立の想い。

2008年 冬、馬と共に暮らすライフスタイルに憧れ、
佐賀県江北町で小さく手作りで始めた、馬と人の居場所が「CLUB RIO」です。
CLUB RIOでは、馬を軸とした営みを続ける中で、現代社会における馬の可能性を引き出しながら、

Meaning that I have opened
the 'CLUB RIO'.

Attracted by the lifestyle of living with horses, CLUB RIO was established in the winter of 2008, in Kohoku town in the Saga Prefecture.
I'd loved horses since I was a young boy, visiting Ireland at the age of 19. The carefree lifestyle of horses, and the coexistence of horses and people left an impression on me. This culture shock was a starting point.
Horses and people can be connected through "mind and heart".
This mysterious force is something invaluable. In the future I hope we can create a place for horses to spend their remaining years, surrounded by the beautiful nature here in Kohoku.
At CLUB RIO, while keeping focus on the horses, we try to exploit the possibilities of the horse in modern society, finding new ways for horses and people to correlate.

永松 良太
中学生の頃から魅力を感じた馬。卒業後は競走馬の仕事に就き、2000年競走馬育成の本場アイルランドに短期留学。2008年、サラリーマン生活の傍ら念願叶い、馬との生活を実現。現在CLUB RIO代表として、馬と人の可能性を模索しつつ活動を続ける。
『人生の喜怒哀楽は、馬を通じて教わる事が出来ました。私の方がまだまだ馬達から学び・助けて頂くことの方が多いのですが、CLUB RIOの活動を通じて、そんな馬達にも少しでも恩返しが出来れば幸いに思っています。』
Ryota Nagamatsu
Ryota was fascinated by horses since being in middle school. After graduating he started working with racehorses. In year 2000 he went for a short-term stay in Ireland, studying authentic racehorse training. In 2008 he realized his dream of living with horses while working as a company employee. As the representative of CLUB RIO, Ryota is currently conducting activities while exploring the possibilities of horses and people.

"Life's emotions were taught to me through horses. There is still much more for me to learn from them, but through the activities of CLUB RIO, I am hoping to repay the horses somehow, continuing to work in their favor. " - Ryota Nagamatsu
a small mare of unknown origin.
Brimming with curiosity, but also a little mischievous. She loves playing with children and eating carrots.

マックス Max
競走馬を引退後、CLUB RIOでのんびりと余生を過ごしている。まじめな性格で、よく人を見て、人に寄り添うことが得意。
an anglo arab gelding.
A former race horse who spends his retirement living a carefree life at Club Rio. Diligent and earnest, he knows and understands his people well. His specialty being cuddling up to people.

ホーリー Holy
HOLY was about to be sold by auction for meat in 2016, but had an opportunity to become a member of RIO family. He is quiet, funny and so gentle, like an old gentleman!

グリーンズ GREENS
CLUB RIOの活動を応援してくれる仲間やサポーターの方々を敬意を表して「グリーンズ」と呼んでいます。
CLUB RIOの活動にご協力いただける方、募集中です!
In honor of our friends and supporters who help run the activities at CLUB RIO, we have named them "Greens ".
Creating fun workshops and events, focusing on Max, Juju and their surroundings. We aim to create a small community, centered around horses, nature and people.
If you wish to lend a hand, Club Rio is also recruiting new supporters and fans!